Sara’s Trailer 2016 – Video Dailymotion

Spindrifter Sara’s Song Stream 2016 Trailer by Sara Mazzolini copyright France 2016. Bande-annonce: petite vidéo musicale. CD Audio and DVD by Sara Mazzolini copyright France 2016. 11 Songs: 11 chansons composées par Sara Adeline Mazzolini. Sara Mazzolini is the singer-songwriter. She plays the synthesizer. Soundtracks: Spindrifter Sparkling Stars 2016 Song by Sara Mazzolini. The short video starring Sara Mazzolini was filmed in Marseille, France 2016. Artist’s Biography Sara Adeline Mazzolini was born on January 4th, 1981 in Southern France. Album Notes The songs were recorded by Sara Adeline Mazzolini in 2015-2016. Sara Mazzolini is the singer songwriter. She plays the synthesizer. She sings English and French songs. Genre: synthpop, dream pop and electronica. Label: Metaluna. Description Sara’s Song Stream is a visual, vocal and musical exploration in the fluid space of artistic language. The photographs were taken by Sara Mazzolini in Marseille, France. Categories: self-portrait, selfie, art, culture and personal stories. Music, song and voice by Sara Adeline Mazzolini copyright France 2016.