Spindrifter Sea Melody song lyrics by Sara Mazzolini 2017 – Video Dailymotion

Spindrifter Sea Melody 2017
Song lyrics by Sara Adeline Mazzolini copyright France 2017
I have never had such feeling!
My life is so exciting!
Today the sun has given me its crown.
Nothing can bring me down.
I sing the melody of the sinuous sea.
I sing the sweet tune of the seashell.
I sing the mellow melody of the sun.
I sing the praise of the entire world.
I build dream temples in the clouds.
The blushing flower of your cheek is the rising sun in love.
Your voice casts a giddy spell on me.
I spend dizzy days in my dream world.
I stroke twining petals in the curls of your hair.
My heart overflows with the flood of feeling.
I dream of the future in the sky amid fleecy clouds.
As I catch a glimpse of you, your twinkling eyes spark into life.
I live in the Palace of Clouds to see the Almighty.
My song is the magic talisman to ward off evil.
My song is the magic spell I cast on your soul.
At dusk I sunbask in the vestigial twilight.
I listen to the sea melody of our soul.
Song lyrics by Sara Adeline Mazzolini copyright France 2017.